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Technical Support & Service

Technical Support & Service


On line and site visit for Diagnosis, expertise, fault definition, repair and maintenance, supervision, overhauling services.

Maintenance Tools and Protective Facilities: 
Power plant maintenance various tools, special-use machinery engineering, etc., Safety protective facilities, etc.

Contracted to Repair and Maintain Equipment:
First-class power equipment professional maintenance team with safe production qualification and abundant technical force can be furnished to meet customer's various planned maintenance, accident repair, troubleshooting, and daily operation and maintenance of power generation equipment of every aspect In technical support, human resources and professional management, to eliminate various types of defects caused by design, installation,equipment quality etc., as well as those caused in later operation stage to improve the healthy level and reliability of equipment and ensure the major equipment and auxiliary equipment arein good conditions to meet electricity generating demand.

Availability mainly: Professional maintenance of steam turbine-generator proper, boiler proper, electrostatic precipitator proper, ash handling system, milling systems (coal mill system), coal handling, stacker and reclaimer, wagon tippler, and maintenance of every major auxiliary system of power plant.


Taihe Electric Taihe Electric Taihe Electric


Taihe Electric Taihe Electric Taihe Electric


Taihe Electric entered into the power industries since 2007, is a professional designer & supplier of thermal power equipment, spare parts and services and also a professional hydropower project water to wire package solution provider.


ADDRESS:Room 2002, 20th Floor, Block B, Jinsha Wanrui Center, No. 1 Shujin Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

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