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Centrifugal fan
With the increasing capacity of power plant units, the demand for economic benefit goes higher and higher, and the design of fan products is also put forward higher and higher development requirements. 
As the media flow needs to be controlled and processed gradually increase, the fan needs to drive the power increases, the fan machine type is also increased step by step. In the design stage, more and more attention is paid to the improvement of fan operation efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance performance. 
As one of the most economical air and flue gas conveying fans, our Centrifugal fan have been widely recognized and widely used. 
The development of new technologies continues to follow the changing needs of users.



Main Host:
Fan body: impeller (including hub), transmission group, housing,
Collector, regulator (on demand), intake box (on demand), coupling
Shield, anchor bolt.
Auxiliary machine (customize) :
Electric actuator (for regulating guide vane);
Bimetallic thermometer (in situ observation);
Pt100 Platinum thermal resistance (long-distance transmission);
Vibration monitoring device (shared by 2 fans, one horizontal and axial sensor for each fan)
Local junction box (or digital instrument junction box);
Inlet and outlet expansion joints;
Hydraulic coupling (on demand;
Muffler (on demand);


Movable blade adjustable axial flow fan
For the transport of air and flue gas, we can provide single stage and double stage adjustable fans, vertical and horizontal types.
Dynamic regulating fan can be used for:
Power plant blower, primary fan and induced draft fan, this kind of induced draft fan is also suitable for adding flue gas desulfurization and denitration system and increase the pressure of the combined induced draft fan.
Used as booster fan in flue gas desulfurization (FGD)



Static blade adjustable axial flow fan
Used in all other places where large flow of air and flue gas need to be transported and controlled, such as in iron ore sintering and granulation units, as cooling fans and exhaust fans.
Characteristics of simple structure, high safety and reliability, good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It is one of the ideal choice for fans in power plant, metallurgy, mining, cement and other industries.
Can be installed in horizontal or vertical mode, especially suitable for large flow gas containing dust or corrosive, and can run at a high temperature of 20-200oC.
Used for:
1. Generator set boiler induced draft fan. This is also applicable to add flue gas desulfurization and denitration system and increased pressure after the combined induced draft fan.
2. Turbocharged fan of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and nitric oxide purification device (DENOX) of generator set.
3. Used for desulfurization booster fan in iron and steel smelting industry.
4. Fan for cooling, exhaust and dust removal in iron ore sintering and granulator.
5. It can be used for dust removal conversion device in steel mill and casting workshop.
6 in the cement industry can be used as smoke exhaust and dust removal fan.
7. It can also be used in all other places where large flow air, process gas or waste gas need to be treated or controlled.





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