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Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

Taihe Electric The pumps have been used for handling circulating water in large scale power stations and nuclear power stations, and metallurgy water supply & drainage of civil engineering and farmlands as well as mining drainage. They are provided for delivering clear water, rainwater, sewage and seawater.
Five main imported vertical mixed flow pumps are mainly used for matching 300MW、600MW、 1000MW thermal power plant.


Vertical Condensate Pump

Taihe Electric Vertical multi-stage condensate pump with barrel is a a new energy-saving product based on the advanced technology which has been introduced from Japan. They are used for handling condensate water from condenser in 125MW,200MW,300MW,600MW and 1000MW.


Heating network Circulation Pump

Taihe Electric With the increasingly high demand on the environment, energy saving and emission reduction is the problem we currently face. The total efficiency of large power plant is typically 35-60%, cutting loss to the end user is only 25-50% of efficiency. However, the overall efficiency of co-generation is up to 70-90% in all practical energy conversion system. It is considered to be the most economical, efficient and environmentally friendly energy production type. We view this as to develop the heating network water circulating pump, as energy saving, emission reduction achieving good economic and social benefits.


Pumps in unit



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