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Hydro Turbine


Taihe Electric provides a full range of hydro turbines from 0.1 MW up to 200 MW to meet most customers’ expectations, with the world’s most efficient machines whatever the head.

Francis turbines
The Francis turbine has the widest range of applications among the various types of turbines available. Taihe Electric can supply Francis turbine with net head range up to 300 m, unit output up to 200 MW
Kaplan turbines
Taihe Electric can supply the Kaplan turbines which can be operated from about 10 to 80 meters, and outputs up to 130 MW.

Pelton turbines 
Taihe Electric can supply vertical & horizontal shaft turbines which are equipped with 


Taihe Electric Taihe Electric Taihe Electric


multi-nozzles up to an output of about 100 MW, and with runner diameters up to 4 m. Taihe Electric also can supply forged Pelton runner processed with CNC machining.
Bulb turbines (include S-type Kaplan)
Taihe Electric can supply bulb units with the most efficient solution and with heads up to 30m.

Pump turbines 
Our complete line of pump turbines is suited for heads ranging from 5m to 1,200m with production potential ranging from 50 MW to 200 MW for all types of applications.

Our comprehensive range of products - combined with knowledge and experience gained through decades in the field - makes us uniquely positioned to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Taihe Electric entered into the power industries since 2007, is a professional designer & supplier of thermal power equipment, spare parts and services and also a professional hydropower project water to wire package solution provider.


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